Re-Enjoying Life’s Simple Pleasures

Standing. Walking. Bathing. Sleeping. While these essential, everyday activities are simple pleasures for most people, they can be monumental tasks for patients with chronic venous disease. 
enVVeno Medical creates first-in-class, innovative medical devices with potential to set new standards of care for the treatment of venous disease. Our goal is to improve the lives of venous disease patients and to transform what have become monumental, everyday tasks, back into life’s simple pleasures. 

About Us

enVVeno Medical Corporation (Nasdaq: NVNO) is an Irvine, California based medical device company focused on the development of innovative bioprosthetic (tissue-based) devices to improve the standard of care in the treatment of venous disease. The company’s lead product, the VenoValve®, is a first-in-class, surgical implant being developed for the treatment of severe deep venous Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI). Deep venous CVI occurs when valves inside of the deep veins of the leg become damaged, resulting in insufficient blood being returned to the heart. The malfunctioning vein valves cause blood to flow backwards (reflux) and pool in the lower leg, increasing the pressure within the veins of the leg (venous hypertension). In the most severe cases, CVI can lead to venous ulcers (open skin sores) that become chronic and difficult to heal. The VenoValve is implanted in the femoral vein and works as a replacement venous valve, designed to reduce reflux and venous hypertension, and to restore proper directional blood flow back to the heart. With severe deep venous CVI impacting an estimated 2.4 million people in the U.S., who have no effective treatment options, the VenoValve has received Breakthrough Device Designation from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and is currently being evaluated in the SAVVE U.S. clinical trial.

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SAVVE Clinical Study